Knysna Charters Lagoon and Oyster Boat Tours offer interactive cruises on the Knysna lagoon. Visitors can take in the natural beauty while relaxing and indulging in oysters and champagne. Drinks, snacks and oyster tasting included! More about this fantastic Knysna lagoon experience on

Much of Knysna Charters marketing revolves around brochures that are distributed using Brochure management‘s tourism marketing solution. Brochure Management has noticed that the brochures that work the best, are the ones that show people enjoying the experience that is being promoted (rather than just the beautiful scenery and wildlife). At Brochure Managements advice, Knysna Charters commissioned Avo to capture the essence of the experience they offer.

The lifestyle portraits of the Knysna Charters experience were shot by Vanessa Van Vreden with Avo Photography in the Garden Route.


“Wow…. Avo! I was once told that if you want to get your business out there properly you need the right images to do it. The guys then said spend most of your budget on a really good photographer and you can then sit back and enjoy the returns. Photo’s speak all different languages and say 1000 words…. and with photographers like these guys we were able to achieve all of the above and more for our company Knysna Charters… thanks guys. Awesome experience… well worth the money invested. “

– Brad Cable from Knysna Charters