Interiors Photography Plettenberg Bay

When you have a property that could be used as an Air B and B or a guest house or even a bed and breakfast, you may get to the point that you would like to choose a team to perform Interiors Photography Plettenberg Bay the interiors to show case your property for a holiday rental income.

We are an excellent choice to document and promote your property. We really take pride in the process of creating visual images that will promote your property.

Avo photography has a passion for interiors photography, this is our culture because we have been shooting for over 20 years and still love our job everyday. The secret to good interiors photography in Plettenberg Bay and Knysna is a great creative team, who work well together and have a common vision for your Interiors Photography Plettenberg Bay.

We work with a stylist who has a fantastic creative eye and loves interior and deco aesthetic. She considers each photograph and makes sure that each picture is styled, beautiful and informative.

We deliver great images time and time again, that echo your homes essence.
Avo photography Plettenberg Bay prides its self in high quality interiors photography. Avo Photography has a background in deco and interiors photography for high profile magazines and international interior decorators.

Avo is a specialist in Interiors Photography in Plett and Knysna, we really love the process of taking high quality images and delivering a final product that is the best interiors photography in Plett and Knysna that shows your home in the best way possible.

Once we have spent the morning or day shooting the home or air b and b, the photographer only selects the best images from the day.

The photographer then takes a week to select and process the final images. Each image is straightened and colour balanced and spotting and dotting is done.

We will then send you a contact sheet so that you can see what we have been up to. Then we will deliver final images for web and high res for printing.
You can then upload your images to any of the web based platforms and begin listing.

We do also offer additional services:

  • a web service if you would like to build a website.
  • bringing pot plants into your home to bring fresh life into a room.
  • We can consult before hand to give advice on ways to improve each room for the photographs.

Each room should be ready when we get there, all bedding should be ironed and windows should be cleaned. This just makes the whole process go quicker and that we get more final images on the day. Working with a stylist will save you money because we will photograph more interiors professionally and smoothly. You’ll get the best quality visuals. That really speak to the viewer.