Decor Photography Plettenberg Bay

Getting good Decor Photography Plettenberg Bay or Knysna is easy with the Avo Photography team. We work with a stylist to ensure you get fantastic Decor photography of your home, guesthouse or Air B and B. The Decor photography in Plett and Knysna is our passion. We will bring in plants and and style each photograph to camera so that we show the best of each room. This will give you a final high quality product for Decor Photography that speaks to your future potential clients.

When we shoot Decor photography we look at each room and consider how best to shoot it, to show the space as it truly is and also how to shoot it in a way that best represents who you and your home are. The stylist will often bring some plants or bread and salad as props. This can assist in making a room feel alive. When images are considered it can bring across the feeling of a space. It is good for the viewer to imagine himself or herself in the space. So tiny touches make the difference to a room.

The photographer looks at the light in each room and will often shoot early morning or late afternoon the get the best light for a particular shot.
Working as a Decor photography team in Plettenberg Bay and Knysna really means you are getting the best of both worlds, beautiful imagery done quickly.

We have experience with Decor magazine industry and have worked on high profile homes. We are used to working in various locations from homely to exotic and Island paradise.

We do mood shots and well as beautiful room photographs that tell a story.
Each home has its own special feeling that can speak to the viewer.
With our commercial background in shooting for prestigious magazines we will create informative yet realistic and beautiful images. That will be striking and attract potential clients to your web profile or website.

If you are looking for a turn key solution. Avo photography are the team to choose.