Professional Photographers

Looking for a Professional Photographer?

Avo Photography is a company built by professional photographers with a team of commercially trained professional photographers. Our senior photographers who have been working in the commercial photography industry for a number of years regularly give training to our junior associate photographers with the juniors going out to assist on commercial shoots on location or in studio.

The field of professional photography has many elements and combines techniques that need to be mastered before one is a fully fletched professional photographer and there is nothing more important than getting that hands on practical training from a photographer whose gained the experience over years. Every professional photographer is an artist with their own style of doing things. Over time you develop your own signature in your artwork. Professional Photographers have to learn to get the right exposure before even snapping a picture. Composition and pre visualizing a shot before taking an image.

Postproduction during processing of the images is where effects and treatment can be added to give the images a feel. Professional Photographers are assigned to various differing assignments; no shoot is the same as the last, from company profiles, annual reports, portraits, food and events. With a team of photographers, Avo has the advantage of all the strengths of professional photographers combined; there will always be a photographer available to cater to your specific needs.

Whether you need Professional Photographers to help you achieve one amazing holding image for your advertising campaign; or portrait shots for your annual report… give Avo a call. One of our professional photographers will be happy to discuss your ideas and help turn them into solid executable concepts – contact.

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