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Looking for a portrait Photographer?

When it comes to corporate companies, we like to live by the saying that no two companies are the same, so why should commercial portrait photography be same?

Just like an individual we understand the importance of standing out. Our portrait photographers can assist in putting a face and identity to your company and uniquely identify the people that make you a business. Mixing between group portraits and individual portraits? Our portrait photographers will assist you to capture the personality and mood of your company; the result will be a story that conveys your company’s emotion. We specialize in portrait photography ranging use from annual reports, candid staff portraits, company profiles and brochures.

When portrait photographers shoot on location at your site, your company has various options at their disposal that they can choose to go with. A backdrop can be set up and the company can choose to go with colour images or bold with black and white options. Props can be used to convey a story, a staff member holding a pen or even a calculator.

You can choose to make it more serious with standard portraits or fun and goofy; mix the two options with the more serious portraits for annual reports and the fun candid portraits for web purposes like the company web page. The portrait photographer has the option of using the interiors of the office or takes it outside using the exterior of the building and the garden. If fun group shots are required, it’s easier for the photographer to do the shot outdoors.

Whether you need Portrait Photographers to help you achieve one amazing holding image for your advertising campaign; or portrait shots for your annual report… give Avo a call. One of our professional photographers will be happy to discuss your ideas and help turn them into solid executable concepts – contact.

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