The Fresh Earth Food Store is a family owned and run natural health store and vegetarian resturant, in Johannesburg. They are passionate in their belief that food in its purest form — untainted by artificial additives, sweeteners, colourants and preservatives — is the best tasting and most nutritious food there is. More about this amazing store on their website

The Fresh Earth Food Store needed to launch their online shopping and nutrition community website within one month with 1,000 products — with images — available for purchase (and another 2,000 to follow during the next 2 months). They also needed portraits of the owners, health practitioners and contributors for the website and email newsletter.

The traditional portraits used in many corporate publications tend to make the subject look rigid, distant or even standoffish. Fresh Earth realised that projecting a livelier, more relaxed and approachable image of themselves and their team would benefit them greatly. As Matthew from Fresh Earth put it “What really makes our store great is that it’s personal, you’re not walking into some big corporate warehouse. We’re approachable and people like that”. That’s why they approached Avo to shoot their portraits — and while we were at it we did 1,000 product shots too.

The portraits of the Fresh Earth Food Store team were shot by Leigh Benson and Gemma Winstanley at Avo Photography studio in Parkhurst.