Most people cringe at the thought of family portraits in a photo studio. A thought of those awkward and rigid family photos with cheesy smiles comes to mind.

Fortunately, the photo studio has come a long way since bell-bottom jeans and the middle parting of the hair.

Avo Photography prides itself for embracing the evolution of the conventional studio family shoot. Our professional photographers will assist in capturing lasting family moments that will become finished pieces of artwork for your wall.

Our photography studio can accommodate up to 10 family members and family pets are more than welcome to tag along for the shoot.

During your studio session we’ll create a relaxing atmosphere that will feel a little like home, you’ll dance to music while the photographer captures different combinations, the aim is to get that natural un-posed Avo experience.

Avo’s photo studio has a collection of props for the whole family from the toddlers to the adults, however you are always welcome to bring anything from home; extra toys for the kids, fresh flowers, colourful ribbons, things that you love doing as a family and items from a hobby that you share.

A great advantage of doing your shoot in a photo studio is having control of what you want to get out of your experience. Why not create a winter theme with wooly, colourful scarfs and hats or a summer theme with fresh flowers or opt for one of our favourites of colour coordinated shirts and jeans.

Treating your family to an Avo family portrait session is a great way to spend quality time together and create something special for your home. Have a look at our family portrait portfolio:

Here’s what some of our previous clients had to say about their Avo family portrait experience:

“It’s one of the most memorable days the whole family has ever had together” – Mary, Parkhurst

“I felt like a king, the whole experience really made me remember what’s most important to me” – George, Sandton

“Fantastic, from the first phone call to walking away with the finished product. Absolutely worth it.” – Janet, Joburg

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Babies and toddler are way smarter than grownups. Adults seem to have their priorities solidly crooked. In order to get good results from baby photography you have to understand how a newborn or toddler thinks. Life is an adventure, there is always something new to be discovered. And there is no time like the present to discover what your toes taste like, or learn what happens when you pull mom’s earring.

Baby photography, and toddler photography, for that matter is a rather specialised thing, requiring a lot of patience. The photographer has to conduct the shoot at baby’s pace! Get the shots quickly before the little ones start to get bored, and work with their moods to get the best results from baby photography.

When your baby is still very small baby photography presents a number of challenges, for example she might not be able to sit yet or even smile. Certain props (like a big cosy teddy bear) can help with baby photography as it gives your little one something to lean against. Some bubbles or colourful toys are also useful for getting their attention. Something else that works like magic is a feather duster – it’s ticklish and has an interesting texture.

For older babies and toddler photography it is important to give the kids the space to be themselves if you really want good results. You want to capture natural moments that really show your children’s personalities. Over coaching the shots only hinders the spontaneity of the results.

Avo’s Photographers are trained to get the best results for your baby photography and toddler photography. Our baby photo ideas get the whole family involved in the fun. Not only will you all be able to spend some good quality time together, but this also allows us to get really good baby photographs within a short space of time before the little ones get bored or grouchy. Avo is also equipped to handle different lighting setups should your baby not respond well to the flash lighting system.

Baby Photography tips and ideas for your shoot:

  • Book your shoot for the time of day when your baby or toddler is most alert and in his best mood. Generally we have found this to be somewhere between 9 o’clock and 11 o’clock in the morning. Keep this in mind when booking your shoot.
  • Make sure your baby or toddler has eaten before the shoot – there’s nothing like being hungry to put you in a bad mood.
  • Bring along some of your child’s favourite toys and teddies. It is always good to have props to get babies attention even if the props are not in the final shots.

No matter what people tell you it is definitely possible to get great baby photography if you know the tricks. Even newborn babies can be photographed very successfully. And especially if you want to document your baby’s growth you will want to start as early as possible. Some of our clients have even started as early as pregnancy – from bump, to baby, to toddler.

Everyone can think of a few family portraits or photos of themselves that they wish didn’t exist. For example that badly posed family portrait with the cheesy grin and 80’s hairdos, or the ID photo on your drivers licence that makes you look like a drug smuggler. Read more