You’ve been dreaming about your big day ever since you were a kid, you’ve been planning it for months or years, but the real planning begins the moment the question is popped. When it’s all said and done, you’re left with memories, a block of wedding cake in the deep freezer, and photos. Oh, and a spouse. How do you want to remember and relive the moments?

Weddings are great, they not only celebrate the love of the couple and commitment to each other, but the bring together two diverse groups of people, family and friends, that also make acquaintance by association with the couple, that now have a common link that they can explore. The elder generation get to reminisce about their weddings and how times have changed. There are so many special moments to capture.

In initial conversations and meetings with couples I like to find out what unique traits and stories they have that they would like covered on the day.

You can choose between photo-journalistic style where moments are captured candidly for natural unposed looks, or opt for photos with a striking fashion-inspired look using model poses.

Wedding photography has evolved since film camera days, where low light was dreaded and the only way to overcome it was to fire blinding flash at everything. Images couldn’t be immediately reviewed and readjusted. Every image had a real cost associated with it so had to be used sparingly. That being said, when natural light is right, film still produces stunning results and has a feel that many try to emulate with digital in post production. Nowdays, with memory cards, thousands of images can be captured, and with excellent low light capability, intimate moments can be captured with natural light in most situations.

How you want your final images will also come down to what package the photographer offers. Do you want a coffee-table photo-book album, or do you just want the final processed images to do your own thing with?

Your photographer may also offer that use of a second shooter that will capture images of guests and décor while the main photographer is focusing solely on the action.

How do you come to your final decision of which photographer to use, do you review their online portfolios, do you go on recommendations from family and friends, or did you like the vibe of the photographer at a wedding you attended?

Whoever you choose, you should make a moodboard, mention them on social posts or Whatsapp screenshots of images that you’d like to emulate and draw inspiration from, that way you and your photographer are on the same page and you can relax knowing everything is in hand and nothing will be left to chance. You need to be left reassured.

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Below are some examples of our recent Wedding Photography images…