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Digital Photography

Why do I need to pay for processing if the photographer shoots digital images? Avo Photography uses professional digital cameras and generally shoots RAW images for all clients. Capturing images in RAW format allows us to produce the best quality final image result possible. Raw images are not directly usable for print, web or anything […]

Catalogue Photography

from concept to completion Catalogue Photography is a rather specialised photography discipline, and depending on the type of product you are selling it may require models, a strongly themed concept or both to show your product off really well. Straightforward product shots for a catalogue can be executed more quickly (this is of course a […]

Food Photography

Avo Photography is a company based in Johannesburg Gauteng. Our commercially trained photographers, amongst other fields specialize in food photography. Our food photography ranges from menus, cookbooks, editorial use and packaging. Food photography is fine art perfected with much practice. It is important to treat a food shoot like any other well styled fashion or […]

Toddler Photography Ideas

Toddler and baby photography, is a rather specialised thing, requiring a lot of patience. The photographer has to conduct the shoot at toddlers pace! Get the shots quickly before the little ones start to get bored, and work with their moods to get the best results from your toddlers.   Toddlers and babies are way […]

photographers in johannesburg gauteng

Avo Photography is a company of Photographers in Johannesburg Gauteng with two separate divisions specialising in: family portrait photography and commercial photography work. What sets us apart from other Photographers in Johannesburg Gauteng is the fact that we have a team of permanent and freelance photographers. We shoot on a regular basis on site around […]